The Mozambique LNG Project began with the discovery of a vast natural gas reserve off the north coast of Mozambique in 2010, leading to a final investment decision of circa US$20 billion in 2019.

Our plans for approximately 65 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas include the construction of two liquefaction units with a capacity of 13 MTPA with expansion capacity of up to 43 million tons per year (MTPA).

The Project is operated by TotalEnergies – the second largest LNG player in the world and a leader in Africa – the Mozambique LNG Project is uniquely positioned to meet the world’s growing demand for sustainable, reliable, and clean energy sources.

The Project is committed to collaborating with communities and the Government of Mozambique to develop these resources safely, protecting the environment, encouraging additional foreign investment, and contributing to the country’s long-term social and economic stability.

The strategic location of the project positions it to respond to the needs of the Atlantic and Asia-Pacific markets, in addition to exploring the growing energy demands of the Middle East and the Indian subcontinent.

In the short term, the construction of the LNG facilities will offer opportunities to Mozambique and Mozambicans for professional training, employment, and contracts for the supply of goods and services. Furthermore, the construction phase will be executed under controlled environmental and social impacts and reduce risks.

In the medium and long term, the Mozambique LNG Project is fundamental to diversifying Mozambique’s economic activities. The project will help to:

  • Develop a qualified workforce for construction and operation.
  • Develop experts in the field who support these sectors.
  • Foster the emergence of small and medium companies across Capo Delgado province
  • Generate revenue that will contribute to the country’s socioeconomic development.