Resettlement may impact households differently. In fact, some households may face greater challenges associated with their existing circumstances or their ability to manage the changes and opportunities associated with resettlement. In recognition of these different household impacts, the Resettlement Plan identifies the need for a Vulnerable Peoples’ Program. A Vulnerable Peoples Program identifies, assesses, and provides assistance to households considered more vulnerable during the resettlement process.

When necessary the Vulnerable Peoples’ Program provides assistance prior to, during, and post-displacement while individuals and households adjust and re-establish their support networks and livelihoods. The program aims to enhance vulnerable households’ economic resilience by providing access to the skills and resources needed to live independently and without the program’s assistance as soon as possible.


The Vulnerable Peoples’ Program’s efforts typically fall into the following categories:


  • Assist with agreement signing and compensation receipts
  • Assist with relocation of goods, chattels, and livestock
  • Modify replacement housing for special needs


  • Supporting improved nutrition through targeted provision of food baskets


  • Provide household financial training
  • Provide poultry and livestock training
  • Provide kitchen garden horticultural training
  • Provide nonland-based livelihood training
  • Provide employment opportunities targeting those with special needs


Social support
  • Offer counseling
  • Monitor social support efforts