In the framework of the implementation of the Mozambique LNG Project’s Local Content Plan, capacity building is the process by which individuals and organizations gain, improve, and retain skills, competencies, and tools to leverage their competitiveness. The CapacitaMoz platform aims to house all capacity building initiatives related to Mozambican Micro, Small and Medium-sized companies, citizens, and public institutions.

The platform also supports the dissemination of information that is relevant to the knowledge of the Mozambican business community.

The implementation strategy of the CapacitaMoz platform’s initiatives is developed at a level that aims to affect individuals, companies, and public institutions. The strategy aims to:


  • Provide information on the Mozambique LNG Project, including references about the industry standards, success stories, and opportunities, through the different channels within the CapacitaMoz platform (website, workshops, events, newsletter, and other channels).

Needs Assessment

  • Conduct market assessments through industry mapping and stakeholder engagements, that include questionnaires and diagnostics.


  • Provide a comprehensive training process and continuous support through coaching and mentoring, including training sessions based on specific courses, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE), international certification programs, and others.


  • Promote business networking, encourage the business community’s participation in contracting workshops, and facilitate business-to-business and speed-dating events to promote partnerships and enhance business opportunities.
Local content

The CapacitaMoz platform was created to be the main vehicle driving Local Content initiatives led by the Mozambique LNG Project, with focus on Capacity Building.

The platform aims to implement diversified initiatives that result in the growth and positive improvement of Mozambican citizens, companies and public institutions that result in a strong impact being made at a local level.

Within the Mozambique LNG projects Local Content strategy framework, it is fundamental to promote and develop the technical capacity of beneficiaries in order to leverage competitiveness in the local market, of which CapacitaMoz will be a platform driving this objective.

The CapacitaMoz platform objectives are as follows:

  1. Develop and implement capacity building programs for national citizens, companies, and public institutions;
  2. Promote the establishment of partnerships and joint ventures between local, as well as local and foreign companies;
  3. Promote internship programs, scholarships, on-the-job training, and the inclusion of Mozambican citizens in activities related to the industry and beyond;
  4. Support national educational institutions in training programs, research, amongst others.

The following programs and initiatives are implemented with the aim to respond to the needs of different target groups and their gaps, which are defined through specific studies:

  • Vocational & Professional Training Programs;
  • Local-Local Business Development Support;
  • Business Development Programs;
  • Local-Local Driver Training Program;
  • Local Content Workshops.