We have invested in income generation and economic diversification programs that aim to deliver sustainable social and economic benefits to local communities in the Palma District and Cabo Delgado Province.

These programs promote local business participation in developing and diversifying the regions’ economy. They help identify potential business operators, capacity building opportunities, and training opportunities for both existing and potential businesses.

At the Cabo Delgado Province level, the Catalisa program focuses on investing in agribusiness and youth development to support the demand of a growing economy as well as the existing opportunities afforded by the Mozambique LNG Project’s value chain to help deliver goods and services within the region.

The Catalisa Project

To promote economic diversification and income generation, we have teamed up with TechnoServe to create and implement the Catalisa program. Catalisa creates private sector-led economic development opportunities for farmers and young people in the Cabo Delgado Province. The five-year program focuses on agribusiness development, job creation, and developing youths’ skills.

While the construction of the Mozambique LNG Project is likely to generate employment opportunities, smallholder agriculture remains a primary income source for most local households.  Catalisa helps to increase investments in and expand the geographical range of horticulture and poultry value chains in Cabo Delgado. The youth training component of the Catalisa program focuses on preparing the youth in the Palma District to enter this diversified workforce or become entrepreneurs.