Improving health and quality of life is a priority of the project’s global social investment strategy. We prioritize investing in programs that protect and promote the health of our workforce, as well as improve the health of communities in our project area.

Our social investment programs in the health sector are in line with the Project’s Health Impact Assessment and the Community Health Management and Monitoring Plan.

Health intervention programs

Since 2021, the Mozambique LNG Project has funded a variety of community health intervention programs in Palma districts, focusing on the following areas:

Uholo Saúde Comunitária

This program is implemented through a Memorandum of Understanding with Pathfinder International to collaborate with the health authorities of the Province of Cabo Delgado and the District of Palma. It offers comprehensive primary health care services adapted to the Pemba and Ancuabe IDP camps and the Palma-Sede Districts, including mobile brigades, home and outpatient medical consultations, maternal and childcare, mental health, nutrition, WASH, health awareness campaigns, training of Community Health Agents, revitalization of Community Health Committees, and interventions in sexual and reproductive health and gender-based violence.  

Sustainable Community Malaria Control Program

This program, implemented by Fumilar, is part of the Pamoja Tunaweza (“Juntos Podemos”) initiative and has received more than 1,000,000 US dollars from the Mozambique LNG Project. It has been operating in the Palma district since April 2022 and encompasses Indoor Residual Spraying, Larval Source management, Door-to-door IEC activities, and distribution of long-lasting insecticide-treated mosquito nets in five key communities: Palma-Sede, Resettlement Village of Quitunda, Maganja, Mute and Olumbe. More than 30,000 people have benefited through several rounds of interventions, including a second IRS campaign for the village of Quitunda on November 2023.

Fumilar malaria control program

Improving healthcare infrastructure

The Mozambique LNG project has been actively involved in the repair and reconstruction of health infrastructure damaged, destroyed or in disrepair following insurgent attacks.

Repair Works at the Quitunda Health Center

Repair works at the Quitunda Health Center, worth 135,000 US dollars, began on September 1, 2023. This health center was in a state of disrepair, requiring work, particularly in terms of the electrical system and maintenance of existing equipment that was in poor working order.

Quitunda Health Center

Rehabilitation of the Maganja Health Center and the Olumbe Health Center

The Maganja and Olumbe Health Centers were rehabilitated following the damage suffered as a result of the armed insurgency.

Support for health services

The Mozambique LNG Project has been actively involved in providing direct support to the Palma District Health Authorities in several high priority, non-routine interventions in response to specific requests from the authorities. Some of these interventions included logistical support for the National Campaign for Universal Coverage of Malaria 2022, which resulted in the distribution of 30,000 mosquito nets in the Palma District. Other efforts involved logistical support for the national polio eradication campaign in the Palma district and the provision of cholera outbreak preparedness assistance in form of supplies of consumables, medicines, and tents.