The Mozambique LNG Project is dedicated to promoting the participation of Mozambican companies in the Project’s supply chain, in addition to activities focused on the energy sector.

In coordination with the Government of Mozambique, the Project aims to improve the competitiveness of Mozambican companies, thus preparing them to respond to market opportunities. Our actions aim to:

  1. Encourage collaboration between local companies, as well as between local and foreign companies, to strengthen the local companies’ capacity and competitiveness;
  2. Identify opportunities within the Project supply chain;
  3. Promote training programs that cater to the needs and context of Mozambican companies;
  4. Promote the registration of local companies on the supplier registration platform.

Local Content is a fundamental part of the process of procuring goods and services for the Mozambique LNG Project, in which we seek to optimize the participation of Mozambican companies whenever possible, without compromising the project requirements (quantity, quality and cost).

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