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Certification Program Already Produces Results

The certification program for Mozambican Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Cabo Delgado and Maputo is already “reaping its first fruits”. A clear example is that of Smart Multiserviços LDA which, having participated in the pilot program, financed by the Total-led Mozambique LNG project, received in September 2020 the quality certification by the National Institute for Standardization and Quality (INNOQ), thus being the first company training participant to receive this quality certification.

The certification program aims to support Mozambican SMEs with techniques and tools to improve their competitiveness in accessing the opportunities offered by the value chain of gas projects in Mozambique, as well as by other businesses implemented in the country.

Mahomed Aslam Abdul Gafar, Chairman of the Company’s Board of Directors speaking during the certification delivery ceremony, said that “this certification makes us proud because we are a 100% Mozambican company, founded in Cabo Delgado. We are also flattered to be the first company to be certified in two ISO certifications in less than 1 year.

Being the implementation of Quality Certification with the support of Total and the Certification in Occupational Health and Safety Management System with our own means. He concludes “This achievement demonstrates competence and motivates us to face new challenges. Our goal is to become a reference in the Mozambican market as a versatile, innovative Mozambican company with customized solutions for our customers.”

In turn, Geraldo Albasini, Deputy Director-General of INNOQ, said that “Quality Certification is very important for the company to be able to remain in the market and offer goods and services that meet the requirements set out in specific technical standards. And Total’s participation in the training and preparation of Mozambican companies in ISO 9001 certification requirements is a major contribution to ensuring that they are prepared to compete in the national and international market, providing quality goods and services.”

Smart is based in Pemba with branches, offices and warehouses in various parts of the country, and international branches in the cities of Johannesburg and Dubai. The company has 80 mostly Mozambican employees and a fleet of 15 trucks exclusively dedicated to delivering products to its customers. The company operates in several areas, such as supplying parts, general procurement for inputs, machinery and equipment for the mining and oil and gas industry, supplying and distributing food products to the main catering companies in Mozambique and providing protective equipment individual.

In total, 40 companies participate in the program and, according to the trainers, they are already in an advanced stage of training and many of them have already applied for the certificate, by the accredited certification bodies for this purpose.

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