Relocating to our new home in Quitunda

The relocation process of physically displaced families from villages and hamlets to Quitunda, the replacement village, comprises three distinct phases: pre-move preparation; physical relocation of people and personal effects (i.e., the actual move day); and post-move follow-up.

Following completion of Phase 1 of Physical Relocation in December 2019, Phase 2 relocation of Quitupo households and Phase 3 relocation of Barabarane households commenced in August 2020. Following a period of social preparation involving an orientation to the new homes and new village, and after verifying that families are in good health, the relocation of families, their livestock and their belongings to their new houses in Quitunda, can commence.

There are many meaningful moments during the physical relocation process. The process is filmed, with the consent of each household, as a means of documenting the process and the sentiments experienced on the day, and as recognition of the significance of the event for each individual family.

Take a glimpse at the different stages during the actual relocation day through the eyes of families that have already relocated to Quitunda. The photos capture the process from preparation to arrival and settling in at their new homes.

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