Social Investment

Mozambique LNG Project supports the initiative to recognize the role of women in society

The Mozambique LNG project supported the “PIONEER Women Recognition Award”, an event led by the Sprowt foundation, which took place past April 17th, in Maputo, with the participation of members of the Mozambican Government, national public entities, diplomatic corps, businesspeople and members of civil society.

At the event, Edna Simbine, representing the Mozambique LNG Project, operated by TotalEnergies, stated: “TotalEnergies and the Mozambique LNG Project are committed to promoting gender equality and equity at different levels. The partnership with the Sprowt foundation reflects this commitment. The awards event we witnessed allows us to celebrate the inclusion of women in different sectors, recognize and highlight their achievements, so that their trajectories serve as inspiration for other women.”

The initiative aims to recognize women who have stood out for their achievements in various sectors of society, including culture, press, health, politics, and economy.

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